./Dev Update: Dedicated Server is Working!

What began as a “digital prototyping” version of Roster Junkie has become the beginnings of an MVP. No, not “most valuable player” — a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Things are going very well, and the game now includes player registration, login, matchmaking, and server browsing. These latest features are running on a dedicated server, which Read More


Digital Trading Cards: My Crazy “Bar-Napkin” Idea

I loved trading cards as a kid, but then I grew up and didn’t have much use for them anymore. No disrespect to physical trading cards, I still think they’re cool. They just aren’t practical for a married man approaching 30. I don’t need a box of cards under my bed or stashed away in Read More


Football Card Collecting Meets Fantasy, Cash Prizes

The sports trading card industry has been in decline for years. Hardcore fans still break packs, but many have moved on from the hobby. What if you could do more with your football cards, like playing fantasy football, competing with other collectors from around the world—even winning cash prizes for making the right plays at Read More


Exclusive Trading Card Deals Bad for Collectors

Last year the well-known trading card company Topps celebrated 60 years in the football trading card business. Sadly, it also marked the last year Topps would be allowed to print physical football trading cards. An exclusive deal made by another card company, Panini America, with the NFL prohibits anyone else from manufacturing physical NFL trading Read More